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Glass Casting

  • AquaSphere™ injection wax

    Provides casters with: Versatility Works well on fine filigree and thick, heavy pieces) Dependability Easy to remove from the mold Low shrink in thick areas and cross-sections Superior memory for shape Production efficiency Very...

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  • Glass-Cast™ 101 BANDUST™ investment

    An economical, all-purpose mold material for kiln casting/slumping of glass Very fine particles, providing the smoothest of surfaces Sufficient strength for most glass castings of small and medium size The investment of choice for open-face molds...

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  • Glass-Cast™ 910 investment

    A staple in the glass casting community Widely recognized as the strongest mold material available for glass casting on the market today The glass caster's best choice for large pieces or configurations that will place significant stress on the mold...

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  • Mold-Mix 50/50 investment

    Basic mold mix blend for casting glass Offers glass casters the familiar plaster/silica blend (ready made, just add water) Made with fresh and certified raw materials in ISO certified production facility A thoroughly blended,...

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  • RTV2 silicone rubber HT33

    Pourable molding rubber Ideal for model and mold making applications and for creating jewelry molds Provides casters with: Excellent durability over time Excellent stability over time Zero shrinkage Mixing ease Increased production...

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