• A staple in the glass casting community
  • Widely recognized as the strongest mold material available for glass casting on the market today
  • The glass caster's best choice for large pieces or configurations that will place significant stress on the mold material 

Package size: 50 pound

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Great Product

Dennis Gordon on 25th Jul 2017

Great product.

Investment removes cleanly

Elena Wright - Custom Art Glass on 16th Mar 2016

I loved using R&R 910 and was thrilled with how it withstood over 514 hours casting time for the 29 pound piece I just finished. I didn't use a flask for this application, but threw on layers, each colored a bit differently, and because I was scared of leakage, dipped fiberglass cloth pieces into the investment for one of the layers. The fiberglass layer was probably overkill. This work was planned for one-time use but with the strength of the mold, if it hadn't had so many undercuts, the material would have withstood more castings. It left a really clean finish on the glass and the only clean up I have to do is to clean up my mistakes which were many. I liked it so much I ordered 100 pounds more!